Don’t Eat Your Entire Budget! Wine with Dinner


The wine service during dinner is an area where excess can occur.  So, I listed below a few recommended controls that should help you keep costs under control without affecting the quality of the wine service.

  1. After the First Course: Start wine service after the salad or soup is served.
  1. One Bottle at a Time: Instead of opening all of the bottles, instruct the banquet staff to open one bottle of each type of wine at a time.  This is key if you are being charged on consumption as opposed to being charged “per person.”
  1. Ask First, Pour Second: For the initial wine service, instruct the banquet staff to offer wine to each guest instead of pouring a glass for everyone. And, make sure that the refills are offered upon request.
  1. Put a limit on It: Determine a limit for the number of bottles served. When the limit is reached, have the banquet captain contact your planner.

And remember, you don’t want your guests to feel as if you are putting a wine limit on them.  This is simply a tool that you can use to stay on top of their consumption and your expenses.


Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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