How to Accept Wedding Criticism


With the birth of social media, we have been given the gift of a platform to showcase our beautiful weddings. 99% of the time, the feedback we receive is glowing. The cake looks yummy; the flowers are beautiful, and bride is just stunning! But, every now and then, the feedback is negative. Sometimes, it can be downright hurtful. That’s what happens when people are allowed to provide feedback from behind a computer.

When we receive this type of feedback, I tell our team to read the criticism, but don’t let it define them. Somehow, we have become a society that only values praise. When our work is praised, we are thrilled — We want to share this success with everyone. When we are criticized, we are devastated. Frozen in time until someone else praises our work again. This isn’t reality. We must learn to accept criticism and negativity as nothing more than feedback. It is not a definition of us — It’s an opportunity to learn about the people who follow us on social media, our work, and even who we are as wedding vendors.

So, what do we do when the feedback of our work is negative? First and foremost, don’t reply in anger. Your response to the critics — especially the social media trolls — is a permanent representation of you, your personal brand and your company’s brand. Plus, you can potentially “fan a flame” when you respond to angry or negative comments. Know this — When you respond in a negative manner, the critics will reply in the same way. This could go on and on, and that is a complete waste of your time.

Instead, try to follow the words of the first lady, “When they go low, we go high.” You can’t go wrong by taking the high road. And, if that doesn’t work, block them. You don’t have to put up with that nonsense.

Love & Soul Always, Kay

Photo: Michael Clark Photography



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