It all goes by so quickly . . .

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Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a family member’s high school graduation.

It was one of those family events that had all of us saying, “Wow, time went by so fast!”

When he was just a little guy, Chris Wooten and I were an active part of his life.  As he grew older, life got in the way and we probably saw him once a year.

And, all of a sudden, we are cheering on this young adult, who is about to embark on the next phase of his life.

It all goes by so quickly.  Just like wedding planning.

So before you embark upon the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, take some time to simply be engaged (and in love).  Go out on a date, enjoy dinner with your family or simply hang out on your couch with your fiance.

Time goes by so quickly, and it’s no fun if your engagement (or life) is just a blur.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania




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