When Raquese spotted Vanessa, he knew she was the one. So, before meeting his future bride, he presented himself as Vanessa's boyfriend to her mother. Once they became official, Vanessa willingly risked it all by climbing into Raquese’s bedroom window, only to be caught by his grandfather. These unconventional introductions to each other’s families were daring, but this couple knew, almost instantly, that their love was forever and, for them, risks were always well worth the reward.

Thirteen years later, their youthful love has grown into a lovely family of five, and Vanessa and Raquese decided it was time to celebrate their love and dedication by exchanging wedding vows. A love like theirs that has withstood the tests of time deserved nothing less than a grand celebration. 

Radiating pure joy, the couple’s wedding created memories that would be etched in their family’s history forever and gave their three children the greatest gift of being present to witness their parents’ love and uncompromising commitment to each other. 
There were bold, gorgeous details everywhere. The guests' elegant all-black attire. Thousands upon thousands of vivid red flowers. A stunning sweetheart table that was the star of the show. 

Everyone danced the night away to lively music provided by two deejays, one honoring Vanessa's El Salvadoran ancestry and the other Raquese's African American culture.  
This celebration was everything the couple could have wanted – and so much more. 

Vanessa and Raquese’s love for each other has always been bold, even as teenagers.


Amy Anaiz Photography