When It Comes to Weddings, Sometimes What is Cheap is Expensive

“Cheap is expensive in the long run. Why buy twice when you can buy once? Commit to quality and it commits to you.” – C&D’s Manifesto of Style


Every now and then, I hear stories about planners receiving panicked phone calls from brides and grooms because their current wedding planner just isn’t up to par.

You see, the planner the bride initially hired was a lot less expensive than the planner the bride called in a panic. She figured she could go with a less experienced, less expensive planner and pocket the extra money for the other wedding items she wanted to purchase.

Unfortunately, she ended up severing her agreement with the less-experienced planner and starting an agreement with the new planner less than two months prior to her wedding.

As a result, she spent almost twice the amount planned because she paid for the services of a wedding planner twice. In other words, this young lady went for short-term savings and increased her long-term costs.

When you are in the market for a professional wedding planner (or any other wedding professional for that matter), price is definitely important. But you should also consider the following points when hiring a wedding professional –

  • Number of Years in the Business
  • Experience as a Wedding Planner
  • Experience with Your Preferred Venue
  • Wedding Portfolio/Examples of Past Work
  • Business Operation Practices (licenses, insurance)
  • Back-Up Staffing (in case of an emergency)
  • Chemistry (do you feel comfortable with this vendor)
  • Reviews from Recent Couples
  • Feedback from other Wedding Professionals
  • The Planner’s Ability to Carry Out Your Wedding Needs

Like the C&D Manifesto of Style says, “ . . . It’s better to have fewer quality things, than low grade quantity.”

And take it from me, you don’t want low grade quantity on your wedding day.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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