RSVPs and Their Effect on a Couple’s Wedding Budget

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To the average wedding guest, a couple of missed RSVPs might not sound like a big deal.  “You only lose money for a few entrees, right?”  Wrong.

If one couple assumes that two of their wedding guests (just two) are planning to attend, but they don’t show up, the couple can lose approximately $730.77.

I bet you are wondering, “How could that be?  Dinner probably doesn’t cost more than $150 per person!?!”

Here is a possible breakdown –

  • $79.20 — Cocktail Reception Hors d’ Oeuvres for Two (2) People + 20% service charge + 10% sales tax
  • $63.36 — Bar @ $24 per person + 20% service charge + 10% sales tax
  • $396.00 — Dinner Reception Meal @ $150 per person + 20% service charge + 10% sales tax
  • $42.40 — Dinner Menu Cards, Ceremony Programs, and Escort Cards for Two (2) People
  • $95.00 – Chiavari Chair Rental, Place Settings and Napkins for 2 People + 6% Sales Tax
  • $26.71 — Gourmet Candied Apple Favors @ $12.00 each + 6% Sales Tax + Shipment
  • $28.10 — Wedding Cake @ $9 per Slice + 6% Sales Tax + Delivery

So, the next time you need to RSVP for an event, call, write or text.  Just do it. — Let them know your plans.  It is the least you could do to for the the couple.  And who knows — You could be costing the couple as much as $730.77.  Or maybe a lot more.

And, that’s a lot more than you think, right?

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Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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