The Mundane Details Should be Pretty Too

While I was watching a recording of last year’s Royal Wedding, I was reminded of the bright green post-it notes on the wedding ceremony chairs.

Do you remember them?  They were the fluorescent green post-it notes attached to the ceremony chairs.  The planner or the (ahem) church’s wedding official probably used them to identify the seats for the VIP wedding guests.

As a planner, I completely understood the need to assign seats for a couple’s important wedding guests.  I also know that some logistics can seem mundane.

But, every planner (worth her fee) knows that every part of a wedding should be attractive (pretty, stylish, pulled together).  So, I recommend discussing the look and feel of your wedding day details (all of them) with your wedding planner.  S/he can make the most boring detail look like it belongs at your wedding.

Instead of placing ugly green post-it notes on chairs, consider some of the options below.



Better, right?

Bottom line — Make every visible detail of your wedding attractive (pretty, stylish, pulled together).

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

(Photo #1 Source: Weddings by Color)

(Photo #2: Footprint Fotos)



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