10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

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1. They choose their wedding party wisely.  Happy couples know their wedding party should consist of:

  • People who genuinely care about their them and vice versa (this is not a place and time for frenemies)
  • People who genuinely care about their feelings
  • People who actually want to be in their wedding party

2. They hire professional wedding vendors.  Happy couples get it. Forcing family members and friends to work tirelessly on their wedding day creates resentment and it wears them out – It can even set them up for failure. Happy couples know that professional wedding vendors come with years of experience, expertise, and proper staffing.

3. They avoid letting social media send them into a frenzy. Happy Couples understand that social media should a source of inspiration and connection. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and lose perspective. So, don’t allow it to steal your join.

4. They base their decisions on what makes them happy and not on “what everyone else thinks.”  Nothing sucks the life out of a couple’s happiness like insecurity. Happy couples make decisions based on their own style, their personality and their budget.

5. They keep the wedding planning stress in perspective.  Wedding planning can be overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of stakeholders (corporate speak for the couple, moms and dads). Happy couples expect some stress with their wedding planning, so they take it in stride, address it, and move on.

6. They treat everyone (including their future spouse) with kindness.  When the stress becomes too much, it is very easy to take out your angst on the ones you love most. Happy couples know that behavior like this can create a new set of emotional problems, so they work hard to be kind in the midst of their wedding planning angst.

7. They are grateful.  Happy couples understand the importance of being CONSCIOUSLY grateful for the blessings in their lives. They appreciate the members of their wedding party; they recognize the sacrifices of their parents; and they are grateful for all of the people who traveled far and near to share in their joy. Practice gratitude every day and your whole life perspective will change.

8. They take care of themselves physically and spiritually.  Happy couples take the time to focus on their health by eating right; remaining active; and participating in activities that fill their spirit. This may include practicing their faith, meditation, yoga, and spending times with their loved ones.

9. They understand that NO ONE can control the weather.  Happy couples know that rain, wind and/or snow can affect where they are going to hold their wedding. But, they also know it shouldn’t affect how much they enjoy their wedding day. Your ultimate goal should be, “marry the person of your dreams” – not marry the person of your dreams outside at sunset.

10. They don’t equate a perfect wedding with a perfect life.  As a wedding planner, I have heard my share of stories about brides who cannot enjoy the first week of their marriage because they are so caught up in the fact that their wedding day wasn’t exactly right. Happy couples know that you can easily ruin your honeymoon period by focusing on the past.

Happy couples know that their wedding is a joyous occasion, but it may take work.  So tell me, what would you do to be a happy couple?

Love and Soul Always, Kawania
(Photo: Rodney Bailey Photography)



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