5 Key Things to Keep In Mind When Planning a Wedding Day Timeline

As you create your wedding day timeline, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed.  We get it — Some of the most seasoned wedding industry veterans find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to timelines.

To help you out, here are five (5) key things to know and keep in mind as you create the schedule for your own wedding day.


#1. Check the schedules for each of your wedding professionals first.

#2. When it comes to your wedding day timeline, “padding” is your friend.

#3. Include the task of “bustling your gown” and “outfit changes” in your schedule.

#4. Include the time it takes to get your guests from the cocktail reception to the dinner reception.

#5. Account for all of your wedding day details (no matter how small they are).


Remember this — When it comes to weddings, time truly is money.

So remember to 1.) Consult with your professional vendors to gather information about their schedules; 2.) Pad your schedule; 3.) Set time aside for your outfit changes and beauty touch-up; 4.) Moving people from room to room takes time; and 5.) Schedule time for EVERYTHING!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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