5 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do While Planning Their Wedding

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Contrary to widespread belief, newly engaged couples aren’t happy because they have lots of money, material possessions, and lots of (ahem) sex.

Well, the money and sex don’t hurt, but couples are happy because they work to make themselves happy. They maintain a positive outlook on life, they are grateful for what they already have, and they work together to remain at peace.

So, what do happy couples avoid when planning their wedding? Here are 5 things happy couples don’t do –

1. Swim in Negative Energy.

Happy couples forgive each other often.  They don’t hold grudges.  And their wedding party is filled with positive people, who encourages them to laugh, feel grateful, and achieve their wedding planning goals. It’s pretty simple. The more positive energy that surrounds you, the better you will feel about yourself (and your wedding).

2. Procrastinate.

Procrastinating is a shortsighted habit. Your wedding day is going to come whether you are ready or not. Happy couples know that waiting until the last minute to complete wedding tasks will leave them feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Here’s a tip: Break up your wedding planning tasks by week or month. Share the tasks with your fiancé. Avoid scheduling tasks during the last few weeks prior to your wedding. And, delegate – ask a reliable friend for help and hire a wedding planner.

3. Over-Commit.

While saying “yes” can help you avoid family drama, happy couples know, there’s value in saying “no” – financially and time-wise. I’m a reformed “people pleaser,” so I understand how stressful it can be to decline a request from a loved one. But, rarely is it as stressful as over-committing and leaving you with no time (or money) for yourself or your fiancé.

4. Work Without a Break.

Even if you LOVE wedding planning, the stress surrounding wedding planning can wear you out — leaving you unhealthy, lonely, and unhappy. We recommend scheduling a wedding-free day (or weekend) every week (yes, I said every week). The breaks will help you free your mind, relax and enjoy your engagement.

5. Plan Their Wedding to Impress Others.

Happy couples don’t care how impressed everyone is by their wedding budget, guest list or design. They follow their own hearts because they know it is impossible to please everyone. We recommend listening to what your advisors have to say – you will learn plenty from everyone else’s experiences. But, never plan your wedding to seek everyone’s approval. That type of wedding planning rarely makes a couple happy.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania

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