5 Things that First-Time Washington DC Tourists Should Know

First Time Tourists in Washington DC. Howerton+Wooten Events.

I’ve been living in the Washington DC metropolitan area for a pretty long time, so we’re used to clients and friends asking us “What should a first-time visitor to DC know when they come to DC?” So, check out each photo for our advice for visiting Washington DC with your family.

Some DC Sites Require Advance Planning. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Advance Planning is Required for Some DC Sites. While most of DC’s tourist locations allow access every day (except Christmas), some museums and buildings require you to book your trip in advance – this includes some of the Smithsonian Museums, the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Supreme Court. Check out the attraction web sites in advance to help you plan accordingly.

Buy a DC Metro SmarTrip Card. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Buy a SmarTrip Card. Instead of waiting in line and paying an extra $1 per trip for every paper ticket you purchase, consider getting a SmarTrip card. You can get a SmarTrip card at any Metro station for $10 ($2 for the card and the minimum $8 you must load onto the card for travel).

Be Prepared to Go Through Security Check. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Be Prepared to go through Security Checks. All of the major museums now have airport-style security check – this may include bag checks, conveyor belts, and metal detectors, so factor in wait times into your planning.

DC Monuments Arent Close Together. Howerton+Wooten Events.

The Monuments and Memorials are Not as Close Together As You Think.  If you’ve ever watched a movie or television show (ahem “Scandal”) based in DC, you probably got the impression that the Lincoln Memorial, White House and Capitol Building are within blocks of each other. They are not! So, wear sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable clothing – especially comfortable shoes, and bring a refillable bottle of water with you!

And, Not Everything Has to Do with US History. Take some time to visit the other incredible attractions in DC such as the National Zoo, the International Spy Museum, the Museum of the Bible and the Holocaust Museum

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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