5 Things to Consider Before You Create a Wedding Day Playlist

If you are starting to think about your wedding day music playlist, here are some things you should consider beforehand —

1. Does Your Venue Have Any Restrictions? Before you determine your wedding day playlist, check with the venue to ensure there are no music restrictions. Some places of worship have restrictions regarding secular music. And, I have actually had an experience with a reception venue where line dances are prohibited. (What?!? No electric slide!?!)

2. What Are Your Guests Doing While the Music is Playing? Your wedding guests will want to catch up with old friends and loved ones during the cocktail reception and dinner, so consider saving the loud music for dancing. Instead, play some lively background music for cocktails and dinner.

Interested in reading the rest?  Check out our Wedding Day Music Planning Guidebook. It will help you cover so many more details than just hiring a deejay or a band for your wedding day.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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