5 Vacation (or Honeymoon) Related Photos You Shouldn’t Post on Instagram

Travel and vacation photos are some of our favorite posts to check out on Instagram!  But, before you grab your phone, check out our list of 5 types of travel-related photos you shouldn’t post on Instagram while you are on your honeymoon or vacation —

1. Your Boarding Pass.  So many of us love to show off our upcoming journey by posting a pic of our boarding pass. But, here is why photographing your boarding pass can really cost you — The bar code that comes on your boarding pass holds personal information that a thief can use to access your airline account.  And, your airline account holds enough of your personal information for a thief to steal your identity. And, no picture is worth all of that!

2. Airline Security Checkpoint. So, you CAN post a picture in the security screening area if you want to, but you shouldn’t take pictures of the security monitors where your bags pass through. And, your photo shouldn’t interfere with the screening process or slow things down.

3. Your Hotel Room Number. This is especially key (pun intended) if you are a lone traveler. Knowing your hotel room number lets the thieves and attackers know exactly where you are staying on your trip, and that gives them a road map to your personal belongings and (gulp) you.

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4. Embarrassing Photos You Wouldn’t Want Your Employer (or Your Mama) to See. Did you drink too much on your vacation? Is there a hilarious (yet compromising) photo to prove it? Instead of posting it on Instagram, save it on your phone and share it with your girlfriends at the next “girls night out.” You all will enjoy a good laugh and your boss will still have respect for you when you return to work.

5. The Vacation Minutiae.  We all want to see the incredible sites you get to experience on your vacation, but you might want to take a “pause” when it comes to the photos of your sandals, breakfast, bus ride, tanned legs, airplane seat, and hotel room bed. Trust me when I say that it feels like the equivalent of those 35-minute slide shows your aunt and uncle subjected you to when they returned from their cruise years ago.

Happy Trails!

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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