5 Wedding Planning Choices You Will Regret in 5 Years

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Here are five wedding planning choices that could potentially lead to regret down the road, along with some recommendations for avoiding them —

1. Punishing a Family Member. If you are upset with a family member for not being a part of your life, don’t use your wedding to showcase it. Not everyone will remember what that family member did to you to make you angry, but everyone will remember how you behaved at your wedding. If you need to have a tough conversation with a family member about your feelings, consider addressing the issue with him or her before your wedding day.

2. Taking On Major Wedding Planning Tasks the Week Prior to your Wedding Day. Do your best to complete your wedding planning tasks a minimum of ten days prior to your wedding weekend. This will allow you the time to enjoy the spa, welcome out-of-town guests, and address the pop-up wedding planning issues without drama.

3. Hiring a Crappy Photographer. Your wedding photographs will matter to you long after your wedding day comes and goes. So, pick your photographer carefully.

Start your wedding photographer search early. Get a sense of the type of wedding photos you like (and don’t like), then research the available photographers in the area.  Once you meet with your preferred photographers, have detailed discussions with them to determine chemistry, style, and professionalism. If your budget is tight, go with the least expensive package of the best photographer you can afford instead of booking the largest package of a lower caliber photographer.

4. Micromanaging Every Little Detail. Research and hire capable, talented, and ethical professionals to design and manage your wedding. Prior to your wedding, discuss and review your desires, expectations, and wedding day plans with them. Follow up your conversations in writing. Then, take a deep breath and let go. If you spend your wedding day micromanaging the details, you will miss some pretty key moments at your wedding. And remember — Your wedding day won’t be perfect, but it will be amazing. Enjoy it.

5. Planning a Wedding to Impress Others. It’s impossible to please everyone, so follow your heart while planning your wedding. This doesn’t mean you should ignore everyone’s advice. In fact, I recommend taking in what your advisors have to say – you will learn plenty from everyone else’s experiences. But, never plan your wedding to seek everyone’s approval. That type of wedding planning rarely makes you happy.

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