6 Quick Questions to Ask When Checking Wedding Venue Availability (reprise)

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With engagement season in full swing, the search for the perfect wedding venue begins!

Instead of wearing yourself out by driving all over town, you may want to start with some preliminary phone calls or e-mails to your preferred wedding venues to see if they are a good fit.

Here are six quick questions you can ask when you call or e-mail them —

1. “Are you available on _________?”  Don’t forget to mention the correct year of your wedding date.  And, some venues plan more than one wedding a day, so remember to mention your preferred time of day too.

2. “How many people can you comfortably fit for dinner AND dancing?” You want to ensure the venue is large enough to accommodate all of your wedding guests for a sit down dinner AND you want to ensure that there is enough space for dancing too.

3. “Do you have a location where we can hold a wedding ceremony?” The answer to this question is important for couples who want to have their ceremony and reception at the same location.

4. “Do you charge a rental fee?” You want to ensure that the venue’s rental fee fits within your overall wedding budget.

5. “Will we have exclusive use of your venue, or are there other weddings taking place on the same day?” Depending upon your priorities, the answer to this question can be a deal breaker. If another wedding takes place earlier in the day prior to yours, you may have the capability to share some of the wedding day expenses such as flowers or chair rentals. However, some couples may need extra time for an extensive decor set-up and that may not be feasible if another wedding is taking place earlier that day.  Know what’s important to you beforehand.

6. “Do we have to use your in-house caterer or your approved caterer?  Or, can we bring in our own professional caterer” This will be a key question to ask if you require a specific cuisine for your wedding day meal.

When you perform your wedding venue site visit(s), you can delve deeper into this by downloading our wedding ceremony planning guidebook.  It includes some detailed questions you can ask and  begin rating your venue options.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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