7 Tips to Help You Feel Confident In Your Wedding Gown

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Your wedding day is quite a special day. You should feel good about yourself on the inside and the outside. If you are concerned you might get “inside your head” while wearing your wedding gown, here are 7 tips you can use to help you feel confident in your wedding gown.

1. Understand your own personal style. It’s very easy to get talked into a gown that doesn’t feel like “you.” Trust me – I made this mistake. Understand and embrace your signature look – What style of dress will make you feel good about yourself? Use this information to help you purchase a gown that pleases you (not everyone else).

2. Choose a gown color that complements your skin tone. White can be a tricky color – Some hues can wash out your skin tone and some can make you glow. The key is selecting the shade that works best for your complexion.

3. Wear a wedding gown that fits you well. You will always look (and feel) better in a wedding gown that fits you well. So, purchase a gown in your current size (not the size you want or intend to be) because pulling and tugging on your wedding gown all day is not a good look! If you gain or lose wait after you purchase your gown, hire an excellent (not good, excellent) seamstress to alter your gown to your liking.

4. Invest in great underwear. If your wedding day underwear feels good, makes you feel sexy, and support your shape, your wedding day confidence will go through the roof. Before your first dress fitting, pay a visit to your favorite specialty lingerie store. Get measured for your “true size” because you want full support under your gown. And, make sure that your underwear is the color of your skin (not white) – You don’t want to see the outline of your underwear through your gown.

5. Get plenty of rest. Get your “beauty sleep” during the week prior to your wedding – This includes the night before. Being well rested is key to minimizing internal drama.

6. Minimize your coffee, alcohol and fruit juice you intake. One of the last things a bride wants to have while wearing her gown is a bloated tummy, so consider avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sugary fruit juices you consume for 24 hours prior to your wedding. These beverages can irritate your GI tract and cause swelling.

7. Surround yourself with positive people. On your wedding day, your head should be filled with loving and positive thoughts. So, surround yourself with people who cheer you on and lift you up – Avoid the people who are known for being critical and melodramatic. They are better suited for a reality show.

So tell me, what do you intend to do to feel confident in your wedding gown?

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

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