A Checklist to Track Your Wedding Venue Options – Part Two

When you walk into your wedding venue, it’s easy to get swept up into your own wedding dream.  You walk away knowing that you love the venue, but you cannot remember why.

Here are seven items that affect the look and feel of your wedding. So consider tracking them on your wedding venue checklist.

  1. Venue’s Neighborhood – No matter what anyone says, the venue’s surrounding neighborhood can affect the whole vibe of the venue. Consider having someone else drive you to the venue so that you can pay attention to the venue’s surrounding neighborhood.Refer to those notes when you make your final determination.
  1. Parking – Is ample parking available? Is there a fee to park? Is it well lit in the evening? Make sure that you jot this information down because safety should be important to your guests.  If guest parking is not complimentary it could definitely impact your budget.
  1. Outside of the Venue – When you arrive at the venue, stay in the car for a minute. Think about how it makes you feel when you look at the exterior. Pay attention to the landscaping. And take a look at the building – Does you get the sense that the managers care about the upkeep?  Remember the outside of the venue is one of your guests’ first impression of your wedding.
  1. Inside of the Venue – Take your time when you walk inside of the venue. How does the lobby make you feel? Does it make you feel welcome?  Can you imagine your wedding in the venue’s space?  This is what you should write down for the description of the venue.  I have found that a room looks one way in person and very different in pictures.  To get a sense of the venue’s appearance in your wedding pictures, bring a digital camera to your site visit and take plenty of pictures.
  1. Catering – If you are like me, the menu matters (big time). So, ask to see a copy of the venue’s sample menus. Most venues will not require you to pick their exact menu for your reception, but you will get a sense of their style and ability by checking out their sample menus.
  1. Policies – Okay, here is the deal. The Howerton family likes to party (with gusto)! So, I made sure that my venue didn’t have a policy forbidding alcohol or amplified music.  So, make sure that you get a copy of the venue’s policies during the site visit.  Because something as simple as a policy could affect the overall feel of your ceremony or reception.
  1. Contingency Plan – If you are planning to get married outside, make sure that you ask to see where your wedding ceremony’s contingency room will be if it rains. Does that alternative work for your ceremony? Does it work for your wedding pictures too?

Of course the basics must be addressed too.  So, check out my previous post for those points.

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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