A Thorough Worksheet For Your Menu Tasting

Is your final menu tasting approaching?  I bet your fiance’ and you have been looking forward to it — And, you should look forward to it!  It’s a fun experience!  It’s also an opportunity to experience the food and service that will leave one of the biggest impacts on your wedding.

As you prepare for your menu tasting, you may ask yourself, “What kind of questions should I ask at my menu tasting?” or “What do I need to bring to a menu tasting?”

These are great questions to ask, so we have created a thorough worksheet in our Wedding Day Cuisine Guidebook for you to use at your wedding menu tasting.  This worksheet covers all of the questions you need to ask before your tasting, and it walks you through the necessary points you should cover when you arrive at your menu tasting.

So, use this worksheet to ask questions, take notes, and be mindful of your senses — Presentation is just as important as flavor and taste.


Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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