Definition of Commonly Words Used at Your Wedding Venue

Have you ever felt that the person working with you on your event is speaking in another language? You are not alone, so here are some definitions for some of the common words used by event venue staff.

What is AV? AV or audiovisual is the equipment used for slideshows, videos, music, lighting and sound amplification.

Who is the banquet captain? The banquet captain is the on-site overseer of your wedding reception – some of the things that the banquet captain oversee includes staffing, timing, services and table set-up. Basically, s/he is your “food & beverage face” during your wedding reception.

What is banquet event order or a BEO? The BEO is an agreement form (provided by the caterer and/or event venue) between the client and venue or caterer. This agreement form details your ballroom set-up, your selections for food and beverage, your audiovisual needs, staffing requirements and other event particulars.(Allow me to emphasize that this is considered a formal agreement, so you should review it carefully before you sign it.)

What does F&B mean? F&B means food and beverage and it encompasses all meals, receptions and any other food function that you are providing for your event.

What is a floor plan? This is a drawing that shows the arrangement of your event room. All floor plans are not scaled, so you should ask. This helps you avoid surprises on the day of your wedding.

What is a podium? A podium is a small raised platform.  Some of the other names for a podium is a dais, riser or a stage. (Some call the lectern a podium, but that is incorrect.)

What is a round? When you hear a “round” or a “banquet round” mentioned related to your wedding reception or event, the event staff is probably talking about a circular table.

What is set-up time? This is the time allocated for erecting, installing and/or creating the event design and/or décor prior to your wedding ceremony and/or reception.

What is a site visit? A site visit (or a site inspection) is a formal tour of your site and/or venue to determine suitability for your wedding or event.

What is a spotlight? A spotlight is a lamp that provides a defined circle of light. When planning your wedding reception, spotlights are typically used to highlight the wedding cake, dance floor, escort cards, the guest book and/or the deejay and/or band.

What does a “square” mean at your reception? A “square” is a double or triple-wide table. They can be used for display or square or cafeteria-style banquet seating.

What is a strike or a tear down? When you hear someone related to your wedding or event say, “strike” or “tear down,” they are referring to disassembling or taking apart your wedding reception design and/or décor.

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Best wishes on a successful wedding day!

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