(Download) A Spreadsheet for Rating Wedding Venue Options (reprise)

Wedding Venue Comparison and Rate Sheet

When Chris Wooten and I were engaged to be married (5,000 years ago), I kept an extensive spreadsheet listing the Washington DC area venues we considered for our wedding ceremony and reception.  By the time we selected our wedding venue, that document had become a bit of a spreadsheet monster!

I learned something pretty valuable during this process. Venues may seem similar on the surface, but they vary quite a bit – Especially when it comes to pricing.  In fact, you should never assume you will receive a service in a venue because another venue included that particular service in their price.

When I started taking care of our couples, I created a venue rating worksheet to help them understand what they are getting for their money. This worksheet lets our couples input the details for each of the venues they are considering, along with some decision-making factors.

I weighted the decision-making factors because some services/offerings will matter more than others to each couple.  Feel free to add factors that are important to you.

By the way, you should increase the weight of the venue’s on-site coordinator on the chart if you don’t intend to hire a professional wedding planner (note the word, “professional”).

Best of luck!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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