Escort Card Snafus that Drive Your Guests A Little Nuts

Escort Cards are just what a couple needs to “escort” their wedding guests to their reception seats. But, there are a few escort card errors you can make that could potentially slow down the seating process.

Here are four little errors couples typically make that can potentially drive your wedding guests a little nuts. (For more helpful details for your wedding stationery, check out our Wedding Stationery Guidebook!)

1. Organizing the guest names by table numbers. It’s almost impossible for wedding guests to quickly find their last name when you organize their names by table number. Please try to keep your cards grouped by last name.

2. Missing escort cards. It may seem crazy, but guests feel unwelcome when they can’t find their escort card. Enlist the help of a family member or friend to double-check your cards against your final guest list. Also, ask a friend or family member to man your escort card table – S/he can use your list to help your guests find their table number if the card is missing.

3. Misspelling your guest names. In the whole scheme of things, misspelling a name or two may seem like a minor detail. But, it may be more than a minor detail to the wedding guest who secured a sitter at $10/hour, drove two hours to your wedding and spent $75 on your gift. It’s all about the guest experience, so ask a friend or family member to check your work. It’s even better if the family member knows a large number of the wedding guests.

4. Placing the escort cards in a dark location. If your eyesight is like mine, finding your escort cards in a dark location is almost impossible. Consider placing them in a well-lit location or consider asking your lighting vendor to spotlight them. That little touch goes a long way.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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