Event Planner Secret, Pre-Light Your Candle Wicks

Have you ever tried to light a candle and it just doesn’t want to light?  It’s weird, right?!? Well, imagine trying to do this in front of a church with 100+ wedding guests staring at you!

Here are our recommended steps for ensuring Unity Candle success!

  • Make sure that your wick is approximately 1/4″ long.  If your wick is any shorter, your candle will probably not burn correctly.  This is especially helpful for pillar candles.
  • Pre-lit candles tend to light quicker, so we recommend that you pre-light your unity candles and let them burn for approximately 30 seconds before you blow them out.  Then, lighting them during the actual wedding ceremony should be a breeze!
  • And, while we are on the subject of candles, let’s talk about those “dang blasted” grill lighters!!!  Just say no!  Instead, place a lit votive candle in front of your unity candle.  When family members light the unity candle tapers, they can simply dip their tapers into the pre-lit votive for a much easier light.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania




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