Event Planner Secret, Selecting Your Wedding Date


If you live in a city like Washington DC, a marathon, a protest march, a convention or even a cultural festival can wreak havoc on your wedding day.  Traffic can be a disaster; hotel rooms can sell out quickly; and airline seats will be at premium prices.  This is not only a nuisance, it can affect the number of wedding guests who decide to attend your wedding.

Before you secure your venue, run your wedding date by a representative at your local tourism board or your local chamber of commerce.  It’s one thing to compete with another wedding; it’s a completely different ballgame competing with a convention of 15,000.

If you are unsure how to reach your local convention and visitors bureau, check out this web site.  This site has a directory of convention and visitors bureaus throughout the United States and Canada.

This web site lists tourism offices worldwide.

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