Five Tips for Dealing with Wedding Planning Disappointment

With so many wedding planning details on your plate, it is very easy to become disappointed or overwhelmed when something doesn’t go as planned or when someone lets you down. If you are not careful, these disappointments can even derail your wedding day happiness.  So, here are five tips to help you cope when everything doesn’t go as planned —

Don’t Let Your Emotions Derail Your Happiness. When things go wrong, try to avoid reacting right away. Immediate reactions can sometimes result in anger, tears or even an overreaction. Instead, take a moment to digest the information. If needed, consult with your fiancé or a close family member. Then, work together to develop a solution.

Allow For a Couple of Cracks. Every now and then a bride will tell me that her wedding day has to be perfect, and I explain to her that no one loves perfect weddings more than we do. But, this type of thinking sets a couple up for disappointment. Instead, we encourage our couples to review their wedding planning expectations and “allow for some cracks.” A crack doesn’t mean that the wedding is a disaster — A crack allows everyone involved an opportunity to shine a little brighter when they develop a solution to a wedding planning challenge.

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Step Back and Gain Some Perspective. As I have already said, little cracks will occur in your wedding planning details. More than likely, everything will be just fine in the end. But, while you deal with the wedding planning “cracks” try to remember that your ultimate wedding planning goal is to marry the love of your life. In the end, that is what truly matters the most.

Own Your Plan B. One year, we planned a wedding for a couple who wanted to get married under a big old oak tree. This couple loved trees and this one was majestic. As life would have it, the weather forecasters spent the better part of the week leading up to their wedding day calling for rain. They were so disappointed because they visualized nothing other than that oak tree for their wedding ceremony. Eventually, the couple came to terms with the fact that they had a plan b in place for a reason, and if it rained, they were going to have to use it! Of course, their plan B wasn’t their first choice, but they needed to own it in order to be happy. And, it was still going to be a beautiful wedding day.

Relax. My very own wedding took place 20 years ago, and I can honestly say that my biggest regret was my inability to relax. I planned my own wedding, and my “day of” coordinator wasn’t a professional wedding planner, so I stressed over every detail to the point that I stressed out others around me. It turned out to be a beautiful wedding day, and I was surrounded by people who loved me. I just wished I would have relaxed and took some time to enjoy everything because the day goes by too quickly to focus on the insignificant things.

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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