Hendricks Gin Negroni Recipe for a Date Night With Your Bae

Negroni Cocktail with Hendricks Gin. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Whenever my husband and I go out on a date, he orders a Negroni.  I never thought much of his drink until I had a sip. That’s when I realized why he liked it so much! Yum.  This recipe is made with Hendrick’s Gin and it has Chris Wooten written all over it.  The cocktail ingredients include the following —

Hendricks Gin Negroni Ingredients. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Directions —

  • Thinly slice an orange and place the slices in between layers of ice in a rocks glass. Set the glass aside.
  • Combine all of the beverage ingredients into a shaker over ice.
  • Shake the cocktail ingredients until the shaker is cold.
  • Strain the cocktail ingredients into the rocks glass over ice.
  • Garnish with an orange wedge.


Love and Soul Always, Kawania

Negroni in a Rocks Glass. Howerton+Wooten Events.



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