Hosting a Private Event at Dauphine’s Restaurant

Last month, I had the ultimate pleasure of attending a head table luncheon at the DC hotspot Dauphine’s. The luncheon held at this DC hot spot was even more special because it was an exclusive episode of the GatherGeeks podcast, hosted by the one and only BizBash chairman and founder David Adler.

And, who were the brains behind this fabulous event? None other than the dynamic duo Melva LaJoy Legrand of LaJoy Plans and Margo Fischer of Bright Occasions. 

Melva and Margo’s head table luncheons aren’t just about great food at a well-appointed table, they’re about fostering a tight-knit community within the events industry. It’s where networking meets collaboration, and where bonds are forged. During this luncheon, David Adler asked the insightful question, “What was your first job? And what did you learn from it?” Are you curious about our answers? Tune in to the GatherGeeks podcast to find out!



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