How to “Detox” Yourself from Wedding Planning

Now that your wedding day is over, do you find that you still flip through wedding magazines? Or better yet, do you still follow wedding photographers on social media? For some brides and grooms, it’s hard to let go. It’s almost as if you need to “detox” yourself from wedding planning.

Believe me, we see that much more often than you think! So, I have listed below five (5) steps I believe will be helpful as you embark upon your life after wedding planning –

1. Recap the Day with your Family/Friends. Going cold turkey after your wedding day doesn’t always work. We have found that our couples tend to move on easier if they spend some time with family and friends recapping the awesome time everyone had at their wedding. We encourage our couples to chat about their wedding day at the Sunday brunch; take some time to check out the photos captured by everyone; and read the special notes left in the guest book. After that is done, they can begin to make small changes to take the focus off of their wedding (see below).

2. Close the Chapter on Your Wedding Planning Story. Before you close the chapter on your wedding day, consider crossing these tasks off your list –

  1. Put away all of your wedding day mementos.
  2. If you intend to freeze your wedding cake, check out our tutorial here.
  3. If you wore a wedding gown, have it cleaned, preserved and boxed.
  4. Write thank you notes for the gifts and cards you received.
  5. Write reviews for your wedding vendors
  6. And, return any gifts that you don’t want.

3. Stop the Consumption of Wedding Inspiration. Following wedding designers and wedding photographers on Pinterest and Instagram was a great way to get a daily dose of wedding planning inspiration. Now that your wedding is over, “unfollow” those accounts and seek out new accounts to inspire you – Take a cooking class, volunteer at an animal shelter, or decorate your new home with your spouse.

4. Change Your Schedule to Accommodate Your New Lifestyle. For the last 10 months or so, you probably used the better part of your Saturday morning and/or your Sunday afternoon to plan your wedding. Now that your wedding is over, sleep in on Saturday morning. Go out dancing with other couples on Saturday evening. Catch up with friends over brunch. Visit your parents for Sunday dinner.

5. Reflect on Your New Goals. Take time to reflect on the goals and ambitions you placed on the back burner while you planned your wedding. Do you want to find a new job or write an e-book or adopt a pet? If so, write down a list of ambitions. Then, list the tasks you need to complete to help you reach your goals. You may be closer to your goal than you realize, but you won’t know until you actually stop to take a look at how many mountains you’ve climbed just to get where you are now. Before you know it, your wedding day will be a fond memory.

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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