Latest Trends or Happy Couple?

When little guy was 5 or 6 I took him to Orlando, Florida. While we were there, he and I got to experience many fun things together – Sea World, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Planet . . . you name it.

I knew he loved the circus, so one of the things I was most excited about was our experience at La Nouba. La Nouba is a permanent Cirque Du Soleil show at Downtown Disney.


The show was whimsical, awe-inspiring and age appropriate.  I thought to myself, “home run!” At the end of the show, I asked my little guy if he liked it and he said to me, “It was really nice, but there were no animals!”  Doh!  It seriously didn’t occur to me that this amazing circus wasn’t the circus for him (at that time).

So, why am I telling you this story?!?  You are not required to like everything your wedding vendors show you — Even if it is amazing!

Recently, I overheard a bride say that her florist was pushing a hip new floral design on her. The bride mentioned that the design was beautiful, but it wasn’t for her. Unfortunately, the bride didn’t know how to tell the florist her true feelings because she was unsure of herself.  She didn’t know if she was supposed to like it just because everyone else gushed over it.

Brides: You don’t have to like everything your vendors suggest. Nor do you have to like the latest trends you see on the blogs or magazines. Pick something that feels right to you – It doesn’t matter if it is last year’s style or a little offbeat. What matters most – It’s ability to make YOU smile on your wedding day.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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