Lebron, Your Wedding, and The Peanut Gallery


Okay, here is the deal.

No matter what you do. No matter what you choose. You are not going to make everyone happy.

Take a look at Lebron James.  This guy makes a decision about his place of employment, and the peanut gallery has been ‘wagging their tongues” ever since. Everyone thinks they know the best decision for this guy, his family, and his future.

Brides, take note.

Wedding planning almost always brings out the proverbial “Peanut Gallery.”

Even though they mean well, your family and friends may stress you out with their opinions of your wedding planning decisions.

Let me repeat this, almost 100% of the time, they mean well. Their words are almost always based in love.

Here is my advice — listen to all of it, but don’t take it all in.

A lot of the “peanut gallery’s” words of (ahem) wisdom will be really good advice. And, I recommend following some of it.

But, you don’t have to let it cause you to “second guess” all of your own decisions.

Do your homework. Take notes. Talk to your fiancé and your wedding planner.  Then, be okay with your decisions.

Your primary goal is to marry the person of your dreams. While you are at it, you should also have a great time.

Your goal should NOT be pleasing every member of the “peanut gallery.” Because pleasing everyone is simply not going to happen.

Love and SoulAlways, Kawania



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