Little Details that Could Make a Difference to Your Wedding Day Experience

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Think about your physical discomforts in advance —  Break in your shoes, test run your undergarments, and don’t wait until the week of your wedding to get contacts for the first time.

Test drive your wedding gown — Before you purchase your wedding gown, make sure that you are able to dance, raise your arms, sit down, and hug in your wedding gown.

Plan a meal — Oh, I get it.  You don’t want to eat because you are nervous.  You have been sewn into your wedding gown, or you are afraid of having food stuck in your teeth.  Well, I got news for you — You don’t want to spend your wedding day feeling dizzy, loopy or nauseous either.  So, ask your MOH to keep a small mirror in her purse so you an check your teeth and enjoy a little protein beforehand.  It will take you a long way.

Be mindful of the weight of your bouquet — When I was planning my own wedding 15 years ago, I saw this beautiful bouquet in a Martha Stewart magazine, and I just had to have it.  This bouquet was stunning — It was a hand-tied bouquet of 40 white peonies and blush-colored roses.  I considered this bouquet perfection until I picked it up.  I spent the majority of my wedding day feeling like I was lifting weights, and I couldn’t wait to get rid it.

Assign someone to hold on to your important stuff.  There are certain mundane items you must have on hand during your wedding day.  Your day will go a little smoother if a responsible friend or family member is holding onto these items for you.  These items may include your marriage license, driver’s license, your medication (if needed), your medical insurance and possibly your house and car keys.

Stay hydrated — Being hydrated helps your skin, your breath, and it helps you avoid muscle cramps.

Don’t sweat the small stuff — Perfection is unattainable.  Coming to terms with the fact that little things might happen will make your day perfect.

Enjoy your day!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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