Make Sure You Have Enough Portable Restrooms for Your Outdoor Wedding

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With summer in full swing, more and more outdoor events are popping up on your wedding and event calendar.

As you plan your own outdoor wedding or event, how do you know that you have rented enough portable restrooms to accommodate your guests’ needs? I know, I know — this doesn’t sound very glamorous.  But take it from me, you don’t want your family and friends leaving your reception early because there weren’t enough bathrooms.  Believe me, they will never forget it.

Here is a key that I use to help determine the minimum number of portable restrooms needed for an outdoor wedding or event with an open bar.

Number of Guests Event Length Portable Restrooms
100 1 – 4 Hours 3
100 5 – 10 Hours 4
250 1 – 4 Hours 4
250 5 – 7 Hours 5
250 8 – 10 Hours 7
500 1 – 4 Hours 5
500 5 – 7 Hours 7
500 8 – 10 Hours 9

Specifics to consider when renting portable restrooms —

  1. Be mindful of the type of portable restroom that you rent.Some are meant for construction sites and/or park festivals and some are truly meant for special events. It goes without saying that you want the nice “special event” restrooms.
  1. Your portable restrooms should include sinks for hand washing, trash cans for miscellaneous trash, and mirrors for those “beauty checks.”
  1. Make sure that one of your portable restrooms is in ADA-compliant.Make sure that this restroom is larger too – then it could double as a family restroom.Parents of young children typically need a larger space to change diapers.
  1. You could never go wrong with a few extra restrooms – especially if the majority of your wedding guests are women.  In fact, you might want to double the number of bathrooms if more than 50% of your guests are female.

Here are a few questions you should ask when you rent your portable restrooms –

  1. How quickly can you get another restroom if yours stops working?
  1. Does the restroom rental come with an attendant?Or better yet, who is responsible for cleaning the restrooms in case of an accident?
  1. How is the bathroom odor controlled?
  1. Do you have to order the bathroom products, or will the company provide them?Bathroom products include toilet paper, liquid hand soap, hand towels, and even cleaning supplies.

For more details, check out our Wedding Day Portable Restroom Planning Guide.

Love & Soul Always, Kay




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