Our One Tip for Meghan Markle as She Walks Down the Aisle

Media outlets are reporting that Prince Charles is going to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle of the Royal Wedding since her father could no longer do so.  Reporters are saying that he will walk her down the aisle for 1/2 of the walk, then she will walk down the remainder of the aisle alone.

Over the years, we have had numerous brides walk down the aisle because they felt no one could replace their deceased father.  It‘s incredibly beautiful to see a bride walk down the aisle alone, but there is one little issue. When there is no one to pace the bride, they tend to walk down the aisle at a rapid pace.

So, our one tip for Miss Meghan Markle is to “slow down.”  Take in the moment; enjoy the walk; and give your photographer an opportunity to capture your beautiful smile when you see your true love waiting for you.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania

Photography: Shutterstock



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