Seven Things I Would Change if I Were the Wedding Goddess of the World

bride in wedding gown on beach

If I were the “wedding goddess,” . . .

1. I would make the act of “forgetting to RSVP” against the law.

2. I would require people stop blaming their culture for being tardy.

3. I would delete the word, “bridezilla,” “groomzilla” and all of the other “zillas” from the wedding industry dictionary.

4. I would add some diversity to the wedding magazine covers. Seriously folks. This is ridiculous.

5. I would make all 50 states understand that equal rights should include the right to marry.

6. I would make sure that we never (ever) hear of another story of a bridal salon, photographer or even a wedding planner leaving a couple high and dry.

And, 7. I would make sure that each and every wedding exceeded a bride’s expectations.

Have a great week!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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