Six Ways to Stay Happy While Planning Your Wedding

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Everyone knows that wedding planning can be stressful, here are six things you can do to find your happy place in wedding planning.

1. Seek wise counsel. Do you have a trusted friend who successfully pulled off his or her own wedding? Ask that friend over for coffee or a drink, then pick his or her brain for information. Talk budget, vendors, resources, family, . . . anything. Your wedding will benefit from your friend’s experiences.

If you don’t have the time to plan your own wedding, hire a professional wedding planner. (Please notice that I used the word, “professional.” Non-professional planners who dabble in weddings can add stress to your wedding day.)

2. Figure out your overall budget and be okay with it. Everyone has a budget. The key to happiness is being realistic with the budget you have. So, before you spend a dime, do your research; set a budget you feel comfortable with; then determine what’s a “must have” and a “nice to have.”

3. Don’t be a slave to the trends. It’s fun to get inspiration from sites like Pinterest, but remember that Pinterest should be a resource and not a manual for your wedding. You should set the trend for your wedding day. Pantone’s 2013 color may be Emerald Green, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your beloved tangerine. Your wedding should be true to you, not a wedding you saw on-line.

4. Take a vacation from wedding planning. Step away from wedding planning when the details become too much. Take a weekend or a week off and do something that isn’t related to your wedding. It’s okay. Even the most seasoned planners need breaks from wedding planning.

5. Stop comparing your wedding to other weddings!  Comparison is the thief of joy.

6. Date your fiancé. Take some time to remember why you are planning a wedding. Go out to lunch or a date with your fiancé and discuss anything BUT wedding planning. Write him or her a love note. Cook dinner together. Show your fiancé how grateful you are to have him/her in your life.  That’s why you are planning your wedding in the first place.

Love and Soul Always, Kay

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