Three MJ Ballads that are Perfect for Wedding Processionals

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It’s been five years since we lost the King of Pop (wow).   And, while his music is known for jump-starting a party, we cannot forget his ballads.  Here are three ballads I believe are perfect for a contemporary wedding processional.

Song: “Human Nature”

Why Do We Think It Is Perfect for a Processional? When Catherine and Sean (of ABC’s The Bachelor) married, their wedding processional featured two cellists playing, “Human Nature.”  And, I found it to be sheer perfection!  While the Stringspace String Quartet weren’t the musicians that played at the Bachelor Wedding, I think they play it beautifully!

Song: “Lady In My Life”

Why Do We Think It Is Perfect for a Processional?  No one can deny that this guy was a sensitive soul.  The words in this ballad is what every girl wants to hear from her groom!  I mean, seriously, ” . . . and baby, through the years, even when we’re old and grey, I will love you more each day, ’cause you will always be the lady in my life.”

Plus, this is the song that our own Hana Pugh chose when she walked down the aisle as a bride!

Song: “Got to be There”

Why Do We Think It Is Perfect for a Processional? This ballad is an oldie, but the words say so much about love and adoration.  It’s tempo is just right, and it is definitely a song that’s “outside of the box.”  Your wedding guests will take note of your unique choice.  While I think a string quartet or a guitarist would play this song beautifully, I couldn’t resist hearing young Michael’s sweet voice.


Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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