Wedding Planning and the Starbucks Experience

Bride to Be and Groom to Be Starbucks. Howerton+Wooten Events.

The other day I was waiting in line for my “Venti Soy Chai” fix when the most peculiar thing occurred – A lady walked up to the counter and didn’t know what she wanted.

She had an idea and she knew what she liked, but she wanted some guidance.  She had heard of all of the coffee and tea drink names, but she didn’t know which one she would like.

Fortunately, this Starbucks had a pretty good barista.  So she was able to help this first time customer figure out a drink that suited her taste and style by asking her some key questions.

Does this sound familiar?  Of course it does?

With so many brides chatting and blogging about their wedding dreams and the latest trends, it can be intimidating to say that you have absolutely no idea what you want for your own special day.

For various reasons, it can be even more intimidating to share this information with your wedding vendors.   So, here are some recommendations for figuring this out –

  1. First and foremost, take a little time to determine your wedding totem. Figuring out what is most important to you (and your fiancé) is the first step in helping you determine what you want at your wedding.  If you don’t know what’s most important to the two of you, list all of the big ticket items (family/culture traditions and customs, venue, caterer, photographer, and floral designer) on a sheet of paper.  Try to number them in order of importance.  Once you make a determination, use this totem as a guide when determining your time and financial resources.
  1. Think about the things that make you smile. Do you have a movie that you love watching over and over again?  Try incorporating what makes you smile or laugh into your wedding.  How about a hobby?  Is there a hobby that you love, a cause that you are passionate about, or a city that the two of you love to visit?  Showcase it in your design, menu and/or wedding favors. Important item to note:  It’s okay  you two are the only two people in the world that love your idea because it is your wedding.  Who cares what everyone thinks – If you love it, do it (well, within reason).
  1. Get out of the wedding planning frame of mind. Sometimes, you have to step away from the bridal magazines to see your own wedding in action – Interior Design magazines, your own closet, and your own house will stir up some ideas for color combinations, centerpieces, place settings and décor.
  1. Take notes at your friends’ weddings. The purpose of this is not to copy their ideas – that’s kind of like “style plagiarism” – the purpose of taking notes is to help you get a sense of what you like and what you can do without.
  1. Share your totem, thoughts, samples and notes with your wedding vendors. Just like the Starbucks barista, your wedding vendors can only help you if they have an idea what you want. If you are talking to your wedding photographer, don’t just show them pictures of wedding photos that you like, share some of your favorite family photos (professional and amateur) and explain to him or her how those photos made you feel.  Do you have a favorite cocktail dress that makes you feel like a million bucks?  Then consider taking a picture of you in the dress to the Bridal Shoppe.  They may not have the exact same style of dress, but it gives the salesperson an idea what works for you right off the bat.

I hope this helps!  Enjoy and remember Starbucks the next time you need ideas for your wedding.

Love & Soul Always, Kay



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