What is the Etiquette Related to a Man’s Hat?

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If you have ever been a student in one of my classes at Prince Georges Community College, you have probably heard me ask the young men to remove their hats while sitting in my classroom.

Believe me, I realize that I am old school — When I ask young men in my class to remove their hats, I explain to them that I understand that hats are now a fashion statement, but hats were originally designed to warm and protect a head. I close with the fact that many consider consider men removing their hat when they enter a room a sign of respect. (And, it shows you were “raised right.”)

My classroom isn’t the only place where men should consider removing their hats! Here are some other locations —

  • In someone’s home. This is especially proper if it is the home of one of your loved ones and elders.  When you arrive, place your hat on the coat rack, in the coat closet or in a chair that isn’t being used.
  • In a public place. This includes restaurants, schools, offices, church, and government buildings.  Place your hat in the seat next to you.
  • During a prayer. A man is expected to remove his hat when he is participating in a prayer.  Simply remove and hold onto your hat until the prayer is over.
  • At a funeral. A man is expected to remove his hat when he enters a place of worship or a funeral home to pay his respects for the recently departed and the mourning.
  • During the performance of the “National Anthem.” A man is expected to remove and hold onto his hat until the anthem performance is complete.

The only exception is when a man must keep on his headpiece or hat for religious or health reasons.

Oh, and don’t throw “LL Cool J” in my face. I still love him (so much), but I would ask him to remove his hat if he were in my classroom too. (smile)

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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