What’s Okay (and What’s Not Okay) When Consulting With Wedding Vendors

Are you meeting with wedding vendors and wondering what is okay to ask and not to ask? Here are six of the most common questions we get from our couples when it comes to vendor consultations —

1. Is It Okay to Ask for a Discount? Of course! Some wedding vendors may offer a 5% to discounts to teachers, law enforcement or members of the military, so it is definitely okay to ask for a discount.  It’s not okay to demand one.

2. Is It Okay to Share Vendors’ Proposals with Other Vendors? No. The proposal, mock-up and/or sketch that a vendor provides you during a consultation are proprietary, so you shouldn’t share it with other wedding vendors. Instead, share your vision, your ideas and your inspiration photos with each vendor and allow them to use their own talents and expertise to create a proposal and/or mock-up for you.

3. Is It Okay to Ask Vendors to See Proof of Their Business Licenses and Insurance? Yes. In fact, I encourage it. All of your wedding vendors should have business insurance that covers them and their work. If something whacky happens at your wedding, you want to ensure that your wedding vendors are covered. The same goes for their applicable licenses — They will have proof of their licenses and certifications in their offices, so it is definitely okay to see proof.  It’s not okay to demand a vendor to add you to their policy — You can purchase your own wedding planning insurance for protection.

4. Is It Okay to Inquire about the Number of On-Site Staff Members at My Wedding? Of course! To get the best answer, be specific! If your wedding guest experience is important to you, ask the caterer about the number of banquet staff members working at your dinner. Ask the caterer about the number of bartenders working at your cocktail reception and dinner reception. Ask the photographer and/or videographer about the number of shooters they will have on-site. And, if you have a large bridal party, ask the make-up artist and hair stylist (before you sign the contract) how many artists they will have on-site for your wedding day beauty. All of these staff counts could affect your overall wedding day experience.

5. Is It Okay to Ask Vendors to “Price Match?” Yes and no. I completely understand that budget is “top of mind” for a lot of couples, but I am a big believer that expertise, style, chemistry, product and pricing equals the value of a wedding vendor. So, I encourage couples to share their actual budget in advance to get the best possible offering from wedding vendors.  But, it is not okay to demand a vendor to match the price of another vendor — Their pricing may differ for numerous reasons.

6. Is It Okay to Lie and Say You are Planning a Party instead of a Wedding? Nope. Not Ever. So, here is the deal — Wedding vendors DO charge a different price for weddings than they do for a party or dinner. But, it’s not because they want to “price gouge” you — It’s because weddings are labor-intensive. They require more time, more staff, and more resources than a corporate event, a birthday party or even a shower. — If you aren’t honest, you may not get the final product or service you wanted for your wedding and you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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