And that’s why every glass raised to toast Brittany and David at their wedding reception was a testament to who they are—authentic, kind people who love fully.

These fun-loving pup parents chose The Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia (where David proposed) as their venue and it couldn’t have been more perfect. With the mountains as their backdrop and surrounded by ten-foot-tall olive trees, wildflowers, and who and what they loved most, the couple celebrated their love and commenced their new life together.

There were meaningful moments and touches everywhere, from the bride’s father playing the guitar while his two-year-old granddaughter watched adoringly to the decadent German Chocolate wedding cake featuring handmade cake toppers in the likeness of Brittany and David’s two dogs.

A beautiful blend of natural and chic, Brittany and David’s celebration reflected their genuine love that radiates and reaches everyone and everything around them.

You can tell so much about a couple from what friends and family say about them.


Stephanie Whitehill Photography