12 Special Touches That Can Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Welcome

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Beautiful centerpieces and flattering lighting can definitely set your wedding apart.  But, your wedding guests will never forget the fun touches you infused to make them feel welcome.   If infusing special touches into your wedding is important to you, check out the 12 ideas we have for making your guests feel welcome from start to finish.

Before Your Wedding —

  • Give Your Wedding Guests Ample Time to Plan. As soon as you book your wedding venue, communicate your wedding date to your guests with a fun “save-the-date” announcement. This gives them plenty of time to plan for their trip to your wedding.  For more assistance, check out our Wedding Stationery Guidebook.
  • Create a wedding web site with your wedding guests in mind.  As you write the copy for your wedding web site, keep your wedding guests in mind.  Tell them what they need to know to plan their trip to your wedding city.  Share your favorite local restaurants and upload some local maps.  And, remember to provide them with wedding day details — Is there a long walk from the parking lot to the ceremony location?  Is the ceremony indoors or outdoors?  Are you covering the cost of parking and the bar?  If you aren’t let your guests know in advance so they can stop at the ATM on the way.  And, don’t forget the primary details — Y0ur wedding date; the wedding venue address; the start and end time; and the expected attire. And, please ensure that your site’s domain name is easy to remember.
  • Inquire About Their Music Choices.  When creating the copy for your RSVP card, consider adding a line that asks your wedding guests what song they would like to hear at your wedding reception.  It allows your guests an opportunity to put in their song requests to the deejay or band before your wedding day arrives.

Upon Arrival —

  • Welcome Your Guests Upon Arrival at the Hotel. Place a welcome sign in the hotel lobby.  It’s a basic, but simple touch that brings a smile to your wedding guests’ face upon their arrival.   And, never underestimate the power of a welcome note!  Type a letter to your wedding guests, and ask the front desk staff to hand to your guests upon check-in.  Or, you can pay to have the welcome note delivered to the guests’ rooms with a special welcome gift — Either way, it will make a big impression.

During Your Wedding —

  • Assemble a Wedding Day “Welcome Wagon.” Ask some of your family members to stand at the entrance of your ceremony and/or your reception to welcome wedding guests as they arrive.  Since their sole purpose should be to welcome wedding guests, let someone else hand out the programs.
  • Think of the Introverts at Your Wedding.  Give your wedding guests an opportunity to refresh. Provide some seating vignettes away from all of the action.  If you really want to kick it up a notch, bring in lounge furniture and place a small bar near these seating areas.
  • Be Inclusive. Reach out in advance to your guests needing special accommodations, and find out what they need to fully participate in your wedding day.  Work with the venue and/or the caterer to accommodate their needs.  But don’t make a huge deal about it!  You don’t want to make your guests feel awkward or feel like they are a burden.
  • Provide Child Care for the Younger Guests.  Will your guest list include children?  Then, consider securing a room for the children, and hire a professional (and licensed) babysitting service to entertain and care for the children.  The children will have fun and their parents will be able to enjoy an evening with other adults!

After Your Wedding —

  • Keep Your Wedding Guests Hydrated on the Way Home.  Get some water bottles branded with your wedding logo or monogram, and ask the valet parking staff to place these cold water bottles in the cup holders of your guests’ cars right before they bring them their car.  Your guests will love you for it. 
  • Provide Your Wedding Guests with a “Morning After” Treat. Are most of your guests staying at the hotel or resort?  If so, have the hotel staff deliver a nice treat to your guests the next morning.  Some suggestions include biscuits and jam or scones and tea.
  • Cap Off Your Wedding Weekend with a Fun Event.  Dance the night away with your wedding guests at an upbeat “after party” or chill out with them at a mellow brunch on the morning after.
  • Show Your Gratitude in a Timely Manner.  Don’t make your guests wonder if you received their gift.  Send a personalized thank you note to each of your wedding guests within 1-2 weeks after you received it. Check out our Post-Wedding Day Worksheet.

Small gestures and anticipating the needs of your wedding guests will go a long way toward making your wedding guests feel welcome!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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