12 Special Touches That Will Improve Your Dinner Party Experience

Are you planning to host a dinner party soon? Here are some twelve (12) easy tips to help you make the dinner experience special.

  1. Coat Check. Consider hiring a neighborhood teenager to collect and hang the guests’ coats as they arrive in your home. This is so much better than forcing your guests to walk around with their coats or throwing their coats on a bed.
  2. Front Door Wine Service. As soon as your guests arrive in your home, have someone offer wine to your guests as soon as they walk into the front door. This is a fun surprise and it helps to loosen the up before they begin mingling with the rest of the guests.
  3. Place Cards. Have fun place cards printed for each guest and place them at their assigned seat. For an even prettier look, consider having a calligrapher write their names on the place card.
  4. Signature Drink. Create a nice cocktail that incorporates your favorite alcohol, and make it the primary drink served to your dinner guests. Give it a fun and memorable name – Your guests will love it.
  5. Garnish. Add a touch of garnish to your signature drink, your place setting and to your entrée service. It gives a nice flourish to the overall dinner experience.
  6. Music. Create a playlist of your favorite tunes to set the tone for the evening with some nice background music.
  7. Printed Menus. Give your guests the heads up about the appetizer and entrée menus. They will love knowing in advance what they are consuming.
  8. Short Centerpieces. Floral arrangements are beautiful but they can impede on the dinner conversation if the guests cannot see each other. So, consider getting short floral centerpieces for your dinner table.
  9. Hand Lotion in the Powder Room. If you wash your hands a lot, you may find that your skin is dry and chapped. A little hand lotion in the bathroom may be just what the doctor ordered.
  10. Individual Hand Towels in the Powder Room. Guests get a little queasy from the thought of drying off their hands using the same hand towel as the others.
  11. Breakfast to Go. When your guests depart for the evening, send them off with a breakfast sandwich or some biscuits and jam or even a small box of cereal with a small carton of milk.  It’s a sweet way to extend your event experience to the next morning.
  12. Relax! Your guests will respond to you and your demeanor for the evening.

Enjoy your dinner and remember to have a great time.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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