3 Reasons Why Paper Invitations Still Rule for Weddings

Every now and then, couples will ask me if it is okay to send an electronic wedding invitation instead of a paper invitation.  While I think electronic notices are okay for save-the-dates, I think that paper invitations still rule when it comes for your wedding.  Here’s why —

1. Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding. Even though electronic invitations are becoming the norm for parties and gatherings, paper invitations still rule when it comes to weddings.  It sets the tone for your wedding; showcases your wedding style; and gives your guests a glimpse of their upcoming wedding planning experience.

White and Gold Letterpress Invitation. Howerton+Wooten Events.

2. Guests determine their outfits based on your invitation.  Well-done paper invitations say, “elegant event” and electronic invitations still say “networking event” or “barbecue.”  If you want your wedding guests to dress in black tie, then we encourage you to create an invitation that’s befitting of the affair.

3. Your invitation makes for a great keepsake. Years from now, you will enjoy having a copy of your wedding invitation in your mementos.

So, what do you think?  Do you think that electronic invitations are okay?  If so, share your feedback with us on Instagram!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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