6 Powerful Habits of Incredibly Happy Engaged Couples

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Agreeing to marry your soulmate naturally evokes happiness.  But, how do you keep the happiness going? Many say it takes work. We say it’s in the little details of the daily habits couples practice to influence their happiness throughout their wedding engagement. Check out the six “super habits” that we believe make a difference —

1. They take care of themselves physically and spiritually. When a couple gets engaged, so much is being thrown at them. So, these happy couples take time every day to focus on their health, their spirituality, and their peace of mind.

2. They remember to whisper “sweet nothings” to each other. Throughout their engagement, happy couples understand the benefits of keeping their daily lives a little “sexy.” Some examples include sending “racy” texts to each other; writing sweet nothings on post-its and leaving them for each other to find; and ending each day with a sweet snuggle.

3. They manage stress together. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and there are a lot of moving parts and stakeholders to manage (side note: The word, stakeholders, is basically “corporate speak” for the couple, parents, aunties, etc.). Happy couples take this stress in stride, and they work together to address it. Then, they learn to move on.

4. They practice the art of being consciously grateful. Happy couples understand that practicing gratitude every day affects their perspective on their engagement. They appreciate the members of their wedding party; they recognize the sacrifices of their parents; and they are grateful for the people who traveled far and near to share in their joy.

5. They don’t base wedding planning decisions on what everyone else thinks. Nothing sucks the life out of a newly engaged couple’s happiness like insecurity. So, happy couples don’t worry about what’s hot and what’s trendy. Instead, they make wedding planning decisions based on their combined style, the traditions important to them, and their financial comfort zone. This allows the couple the opportunity to enjoy the wedding planning process as much as they enjoy their wedding day.

6. They hire professional wedding vendors. Newly engaged couples who are happy, get it. Asking family members and friends to work tirelessly on their wedding day is unfair, unnerving and it creates resentment. Happy couples know that professional wedding vendors come with years of experience, proper staffing, and a back-up plan. This leaves you with the time and peace of mind to enjoy yourselves.

BONUS. They don’t equate a perfect wedding with a perfect life. Newly engaged couples who are truly happy know that their wedding is a milestone event, and it’s a joyous occasion, but it doesn’t define them, nor does it define their marriage.

Final thought.  Enjoy your engagement and enjoy each other.  Planning your wedding should be fun and memorable for all of the right reasons.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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