5 Covid-Related Service Changes That May Impact Your Upcoming Wedding

As we begin planning weddings again, we might be surprised to find that COVID-19 is having a big impact on your overall wedding planning.  To keep you informed, I have noted below five (5) ways COVID-19 may impact how we plan weddings and events. —

1. Valet Parking May be Limited. Some hotels and venues have noted that they are limiting valet parking because of COVID-19. If this affects your wedding, be sure to communicate this to all of your guests in advance. Also, make sure your senior guests and your guests with special needs are accommodated.

2. Bar Service May be Limited. Some wedding industry articles have noted that social distancing mandates may require caterers and bar staff to limit full bar offerings. Check with your own caterer first. If this actually affects your wedding, consider limiting your beverage offerings and/or consider creative ways to serve beverages directly to your guests.

3. Buffet-Style and Family Service May Not Be Available. This feels like a “no brainer,” right?!? So, what do you do if your wedding day cuisine is best served in a buffet or family-service style? Work with your caterer or banquet staff to come up with a creative dinner service option, such a menu selections, fresh service via a cart.

4. Hotels/Resorts May No Longer Allow Anyone Access to a Guest Room Other Than the Guest. Once a guest room is deemed cleaned and sanitized, people may no longer access guests rooms. This includes welcome gifts, midnight snacks, minibar service and in-room delivery of room service.

5. Hors D’ Oeuvres May be Served Differently During the Cocktail Reception. With the change of bar service (see #2) and the new service of appetizers, your cocktail reception is going to look really different pretty soon. So, use some of this “shelter in place” time to chat with your venue of caterer to determine new and safer ways to serve hors d’ oeuvres to your guest.

Okay!  That’s it for now.  As I hear about more changes, I will most definitely share them here.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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