5 Key Points to Consider Before You Reach Out to a Professional Make-Up Artist

As you start the process of hiring a make-up artist for your wedding, you may have some concerning questions you need to address — “What will I look like when s/he is finished?” “Am I making the right decision?” “How much is all of this going to cost me?”

Before you get started the process of booking a professional make-up artist, here are some points you may want to consider first —

1. Remember That This is Your Face We Are Talking About. I realize that paying for a professional make-up artist is one more expense to add to an already expensive venture, but this expense is well worth the money — Especially since this is your face we are talking about! Your professional make-up will not only provide you with a make-up application that is both flawless and timeless, s/he will give you a make-up application that lasts throughout your wedding day (and into the night).

2. You Can Still Look Like You — Only Better. If you typically don’t wear make-up or you wear very little, you should still consider hiring a professional make-up artist. Professional make-up artists are equipped with the tools and the knowledge to enhance your attributes and camouflage your flaws without making you look “too made up.”

3. Healthy, Clean Skin Makes All of the Difference. During the weeks leading up to your wedding, get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, and invest in a good facial. These healthy habits will lead to a good “canvas” for your beautiful wedding day make-up.

4. Trial Runs are Key. Schedule a trial run with a professional make-up artist approximately three months prior to your wedding. Consider wearing white to the trial to give your make-up artist an idea of what your face will look like on your wedding day. When you arrive, share the following —

  • Share what is important to you — Do you want to downplay your freckles or highlight your full lips? Let your make-up artist know.
  • Share a picture of your wedding gown and your bridal’s party’s attire. It helps your make-up artist understand the level of your wedding’s formality.
  • Do some perusing of make-up ideas on Instagram or Pinterest. Save your favorites and bring them with you to your trial.
  • Before you depart your trial run, get a copy of the make-up artist’s contract. Then, thoroughly review the contract before you hand over any money.

5. Determine in Advance Where Your Wedding Day Beauty will Take Place. Is your wedding day beauty taking place in your hotel suite? If so, consider booking the hotel room the night before and the day of your wedding to ensure that the room is available when the make-up artist arrives. And, natural lighting is key, so the space near the windows works best for your make-up applications.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania

Photo by Deb Lindsey Photography



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