6 Easy Ways to Show Your House Guests Some Love

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Guest Bedroom. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Over the years, Chris Wooten and I’ve had the honor of hosting numerous family and friends in our home. With each house guest, we’ve learned that a warm and welcoming guest bedroom is about more than a comfy bed and a fresh set of flowers — It’s about feeling welcome, spending time with loved ones, and good food. (Yes, it always ends with good food.) So, here are a few tips I have learned over the years —

1. A Comfortable Bed.
You cannot have a nice guest bed without some fresh sheets. The beds in our guest bedrooms have crisp white sheets because white sheets automatically translate as clean. I also recommend pillow top mattress covers because they feel amazing after a long day of traveling. Instead of thick, heavy comforters, consider placing lightweight blankets and duvets on top of your bed.  It’s easier to add blankets if you are chilly than it is to sleep in a bed with sheets only. For easy access, we keep the extra blankets in our guest bedroom closets instead of the linen closet.

Books in a Guest Bedroom. Howerton+Wooten Events.

2. A Welcoming Bedroom.
When guests arrive in their temporary bedroom, you want them to feel safe and cared for. I’m not talking about making major renovations to your home — But, little gestures go a long way.  Here’s a list of what works well for us —

  • Lighting. Start with lighting —An overhead light is a great start, but I recommend adding a bedside lamp too.
  • Alarm Clock. I realize that most people use smart phones for alarm clocks, but a back-up alarm clock certainly doesn’t hurt.
  • A Toiletries Jar. In both of our guest rooms, we have these glass jars filled with travel size toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotions, mouthwash, feminine hygiene products, razors, and hand sanitizer. It saves your wedding guests the awkward request of asking for a forgotten toothbrush or razor.

  • Ample Closet Space. We cleared out some space in our guest room closets and provided empty hangers so our guests could hang up their clothes.
  • A Hamper. Guests need a home for soiled linen.  It doesn’t have to be an actual hamper per se, it can be one of those cute wire baskets you find at HomeGoods.
  • A Little Entertainment. Not all of your guests will want to watch TV, some will prefer to listen to tunes or catch up on some reading.  Consider adding a radio, some magazines and a few books in your guest room.

3. Some Face Time
Even if you take the day off when your guests arrive, your daily life doesn’t stop for houseguests. So, make sure you set some time aside to have a good meal and conversation with your house guests. Make them feel like the guests who they are, and not a burden.

4. A Clean Bathroom.
Your guest bedroom won’t mean much if the guest bathroom is a disaster. It doesn’t have to look like it was featured on a home-improvement show, but it needs to be clean. Cleanliness is everything. Remember to keep some air freshener spray on hand for #2 smells. (Quite frankly, I prefer a simple match)  And, while you are in the bathroom, remember to make sure your guests have access to some body wash, fresh towels and wash cloths.

5. Helpful Information.
Not too long ago, I compiled a Guest Information Guide.  It’s a little booklet that includes details about nearby shopping centers, pharmacies, local hospitals, the local police department, and some tourist information. It also includes our wi-fi password — I should have listed the wi-fi password first because it is the number one request I receive from house guests once they arrive! In case of an emergency, our guide includes my cell phone number and the cell phone numbers for my husband and my in-laws too.

6. Good Food.
I told you that it always ends with good food! Remember that guest information guide I created? Well, it includes the exact location of our kitchen pantry (home to all of our snacks and goodies) and the location of our various bar carts stocked with soft drinks, wine, and waters. The location of the closest Starbucks, the closest Chick-Fil-A, and grocery store.

Well, that’s how we have learned to take care of our house guests.  If you are on the hunt for decor ideas for your guest bedrooms, head on over to Instagram and follow some of the Instagram accounts of interior designers.  They are a great resource.

Love & Soul Always, Kawania



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