5 Key Things to Know When Planning to Jump The Broom

Do you intend to “jump the broom” during your wedding? To carry out this cultural tradition with ease, it requires a few more steps than you may think. So, I have listed below five key things to know when planning to jump the broom at your wedding —

1. Search for the Broom Early. Much to my surprise, beautiful brooms for contemporary brides are not as plentiful as one would think. (Hey creatives! There’s a product opportunity here!) So, we encourage our couples to see if there is an heirloom broom in their family first. If one isn’t available within the family, consider working with your wedding designer and/or your florist on the creation of the ceremony broom. If your florist or wedding designer is unavailable to create a broom for you, do your research on line.  But, don’t wait until the last minute!  We have found that some artists need 4 – 6 weeks to complete the order.

2. Discuss this Tradition with the Officiant First. Before you decide to jump the broom, please (please) discuss it with the officiant first. This is important because there are some officiants and/or some religions that won’t allow this cultural tradition to take place during the wedding ceremony. So, you may have to consider jumping the broom during your reception instead — And, jumping during the reception is fine, but you want to know this information in advance for preparation purposes.

3. Determine the “Broom Jumping” Logistics in Advance. Once you determine when you are going to jump the broom, you will need to think through the logistics — 1.) First and foremost, make sure the wedding photographer and videographer know that this tradition is scheduled to take place.  You don’t want them to miss it!  2.) Determine who is responsible for getting the broom to its necessary location — Will someone be responsible for getting it down the aisle during the ceremony? Many weddings will have a “broom carrier” similar to a ring bearer or a flower girl. 2.) Who is going to put the broom in place for the couple’s “broom jump?” Also, will s/he be responsible for picking it back up after the couple’s “jump” takes place? 3.) Who is responsible for collecting and storing the broom after the couple actually jumps it?  Will this person also be responsible for getting the broom to the couple’s home after the wedding?

Wedding Broom. Howerton+Wooten Events.

4. Ensure that the Broom (or a Stand In) is Available at the Rehearsal. Just like everything else, the tradition of “jumping the broom” will run so much more smoothly if it is a part of the wedding rehearsal. Why? Because the logistics mentioned in “point #3” will be addressed if this ceremony is discussed and practiced during the actual rehearsal.

5. Determine the Post-Wedding Storage of the Broom in Advance. Since you will more than likely go on your honeymoon shortly after your wedding day, the storage of the broom will be the last thing on your mind. So, I encourage you to determine this detail in advance. Before you store the broom, have someone remove the fresh flowers and wrap the broom in acid-free tissue paper to protect the ribbon and fabric. Place the broom in a storage container and store the container in a location that won’t be affected by moisture or sunlight. Then, when it is time for the next generation to “jump” into marriage, the broom will be ready to represent your family well.

Enjoy! Love & Soul Always, Kawania

Bride and Groom Jumping the Broom at Cylburn Arboretum. Howerton+Wooten Events.

Photo #2 by Morning Star Photography

Photos #1 and #3 are by Internal Expedition Images



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