5 Mistakes Couples Make When Working with their Wedding Deejay

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Music is one of the major aspects of a wedding day experience. If done well, it will be praised for years to come.  So, successfully working with a good wedding deejay is everything.  Here is a list of five of the most common mistakes couples make while working with deejays (and how to avoid them)

1. Not hiring a professional deejay. There are a LOT of people who promote their professional wedding deejay services, but keep in mind the following — Professional wedding deejays have access to a large repertoire of music, and they bring their own professional sound equipment. When you agree to work with a professional deejay, s/he will present you with a contract for their services that.  And, a professional wedding deejay will have his or her own business insurance.

2. Not discussing your expectations with the deejay beforehand. If you want the deejay to be your emcee, let him or her know beforehand.  If you want the deejay to bring radio edit music for your reception, let him or her know beforehand.  If you want the deejay to dress in a certain attire or play a specific genre of music, let him or her know beforehand.

3. Neglecting to let the deejay know that you need more than one music setup. If you need the deejay to play music in more than one room, share those details with him or her beforehand because the deejay will need to bring equipment for each room.

And, let the deejay know if the ballroom set-up is going to be reset from the ceremony to the reception.  This room turnover may affect the music set-up, the timing, and the number of staff members that the deejay needs on-site.

4. Assigning the deejay’s set-up in a location where s/he cannot see the dance floor. Make sure that the deejay has a clear line of sight to the entrance of the reception for introductions and make sure that s/he can see the dance floor throughout the evening.

5. Assuming the deejay knows how to pronounce everyone’s name.  When you provide the deejay with the names of your wedding party for introduction, list their names in the order that you want them introduced.  And, make sure that the list of names you provide the deejay are also listed in phonetics to ensure that the deejay knows how to pronounce them. Better yet, when you have a meeting or call with the deejay, go through the pronunciation of the wedding party names.

And, remember to let the deejay know how the two of you want to be introduced as a married couple.

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