5 Things You Should Know About a Banquet Event Order

As you plan your event, you may be required to review and sign a banquet event order.  If you are unfamiliar with a banquet event order, check out my list of five (5) key things you should know when you receive one.

1. A Banquet Event Order (also known as a BEO) is a Binding Contract. You should read it thoroughly for accuracy.  If you have any changes to the BEO, write it or type it on the banquet event order BEFORE you sign it.  Then, submit the signed copy (with the noted revisions) to the venue’s catering manager or the caterer. If there is enough time, REQUEST an updated copy for your records.

2. BEOs Outline Every Detail of Your Event.  You should review it carefully and notify your contact at the venue or your caterer immediately if you have any corrections and/or revisions.  ** Note: Every detail is important. **

3. Venues and Caterers Distribute Their BEOs to Their Staff Approximately 10 to 14 Business Days Before Your Event. You want to ensure that everyone involved with your event has the correct event details, so don’t wait until the last minute to communicate corrections and/or revisions to your banquet event order.  (Side Note: Hotels typically need your catering guarantees 3 business days prior to your event and caterers typically need your catering guarantees 5 business days prior to your event.)

4. There Are Six (6) Key Parts to Most Banquet Event Orders.  Review every section of your banquet event order.  They include the following —

  1. The Contact Information
  2. The Schedule.  This includes the event location, the set-up time, the start time, the end time, and the tear down time.
  3. The Room Set-Up. This includes the type of tables, chairs, linen, and the set-up on the table.
  4. The Food Beverage Service.  The includes the type of food served, special meals, the number of people served, and how the food will be served.
  5. Audiovisual.
  6. Signature Line. 

5. Some Banquet Event Orders Include a Terms and Conditions Page.  So, this bears repeating — A banquet event order is a binding contract.  Read every part of the BEO thoroughly — this includes the terms and conditions page — in a timely manner.  Note any corrections and/or revisions that you have.  And, submit the modified, signed BEO to your contact at the hotel or your caterer in enough time for a corrected copy.

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Have a great event!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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