5 Ways You Make Wedding Planning Harder Than It Has to Be

You Put Off Making Decisions.
When you plan a wedding, you will probably make 50+ decisions in a span of a few months.  It can be overwhelming.  Because of that, many couples retreat and put off making some choices out of fear of making a wrong decision.  Unfortunately, putting off decisions can end with you missing out on some wedding day opportunities, missing key deadlines and missing out on discounts.  So, how do you overcome this?  Well, I recommend doing a little research first.  I would like to emphasize the word, “little.”  Nothing slows down a decision more than “analysis paralysis.”  After you do a little research, get some feedback from a trusted advisor; then see how it fits within your budget and finally, trust your gut.

You Have Unrealistic Financial Expectations.
Weddings are labor-intensive events, so they cost more than your typical party.  The next you know, you have wedding planning “sticker shock.”  So, how do you set realistic expectations?  First, determine a financial comfort zone.  This is a budget that your fiance’ and you are comfortable spending.  Once you determine what you are comfortable spending, determine what’s most important to you and spend your money on that.  This means you may not have a designer gown, a photo booth and/or a fleet of limousines for your wedding part.  But, it could also mean that you have the wedding day elements that make the two of you happy now and 20 years from now.

Holding on to Information and/or Not Telling the Truth.
Some wedding planning articles advise couples to withhold the fact that their event elements (such as a cake or flowers) are for a wedding.  And, that blows my mind.  This is a business relationship that typically includes a large sum of money.  Why would you want to enter into that relationship in a dishonest fashion?  Yes, weddings cost more, but there is a reason for that.  Weddings are labor intensive.  They typically include numerous revisions and the risk is high, so the cost for all of this is typically higher than the event elements for a birthday party.  Instead of lying, I recommend the following — When you meet with a vendor, clearly share your wants and needs; share what you are comfortable spending; and ask the vendor if they can accommodate your wants and needs within your budget. In return, the vendor will let you know what is available for your wedding planning dollars. Pretty simple, right?

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep.
Planning a wedding can be quite a cumbersome task, so it is bound to affect the amount of sleep you get each night.  Before you know it, you are exhausted and struggling when it comes to your overall health.  Here are some tips to help you maintain a good sleep regimen — 1.) Ask for help.  Solicit the assistance of your bridal party and/or family or better yet, hire a wedding planner.  2.) Set aside a block of time for wedding planning and don’t go over that allotted time.  3.) And, maintain a healthy eating and exercise schedule because it’s an important part to a good night’s rest.

You Try to Please Everyone.
Once you announce your engagement, some of your favorite people in the world will have opinions they want to share. They will also have traditions they want you to carry out; they believe they should be a part of your wedding party; and worse of all, they want to bring their children to your adult-only reception. And, because you love them, you will want to include them; carry out their wishes; and allow their unruly children to spin uncontrollably on your dance floor. You will be a ball of stress! Here’s the deal — The world will not come to an end if you tell someone “no” or event “not now.” So, do want you want and need to do keep you and your fiancé sane and happy. And, everything else will fall into place.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania



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